Sicily by wheelchair


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Ypsigro: 37.934743, 14.090280
Hotel Antica Foresta Catalana: 37.311772, 13.578286
Centrale Palace: 38.115562, 13.360762
Villa Speranza: 37.938386, 12.509549
Catania Airport: 37.467305, 15.065775
Airport Trapani-Birgi: 37.911039, 12.488347
100% wheelchair friendly beach.: 38.175500, 12.740000
Etna: 37.750000, 15.000000
Villa Romana Del Casale: 37.364724, 14.334552
Agriturismo Biologico dell Etna: 37.603110, 15.080188


Agriturismo Biologico Dell'Etna Guest House

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Sicily Agriturismo Biologico dell’Etna (visited in July 2013)

Farmhouse located on the slopes of Mount Etna, at 550 mt above sea level, in one of the oldest of Etna villages, Trecastagni. click

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Sicily – The Ypsigro Palace Hotel (4 star) (visited in July 2013)

The Ypsigro Palace Hotel is situated behind the huge

Arab-Norman Castle of the Ventimiglia family in Castelbuono. <click

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Sicily – Hotel Antica Foresteria Catalana (visited in July 2013)
Set in the historic centre of Agrigento. <click

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Sicily CENTRALE PALACE HOTEL (visited in July 2013)

Located in the heart of Palermo. <click

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Marausa, Trapani

SicilyVilla Speranza (visited in July 2013)

Accommodation located in very short distance from Trapani-Birgi Airport.

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