Meadowlands Hotel Tralee

Meadowlands Hotel Tralee

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Meadowlands Hotel Tralee 52.276176, -9.691155 Meadowlands Hotel Tralee < CLICK  


The hotel itself is very nice but from the wcheelchair user’s point of view it is challenging starting with the very first moments of a visit. Usually I don’t write much about a hotel when its accesibility is at good level and I focus only on things that might be problematic to someone.


Be careful on the way to the hotel entrance as it has some gaps between bricks which might make your casters stuck in between. There is a small step at the entrance and two pairs of doors with a very small space between them.  It can be very difficult to get in through  these doors without any help. There are other easier entrances but much further from the reception area and again many doors on the way.


The room is very spacious and easy to maneuver. The mattress on the bed is very hard so not good for these with risk of bed sores. I got some red marks although I was changing the position quite often during the night.


And the worst part now, the shower. There is a small treshold and with a wall mouted seat it all might be managable… but there is just a regular and not wheeled, a bit unstable chair instead. So the treshold plus that chair… a risky thing! That’s not all, though… when you eventually manage to transfer onto the shower chair another surprise comes up. The showerhead is mounted permanently on the top of the wall. Therefore you will be splashed with cold or hot water before you set the right temperature 🙂 You will wake up very quickly after a cold shower! But remember that cold water may cause spasms so be prepared …or use other hotel if possible.

Good points? Delicious food in the restaurant!



Meadowlands Hotel Tralee

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