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Handisport Mallorca - WHEELCHAIR TRAVELS

Handisport Mallorca – WHEELCHAIR TRAVELS


Handisport Mallorca is an organization which organize activities for people with disabilities and their relatives in Mallorca. Since 2007 they have done more than 10000 services and they are very proud of the mood of the people who experience it. Up to 7 leisure and sport activities completely adapted are offer by us. Activities such as scuba diving, blokart, sailing, kayaking, waterskiing, superfour 4×4 hiking, or golfing. They also recommend hotels, transfers, restaurants to all the people who need it.





Handisport Mallorca activities offer is:


Blokart  discover the wind on your face!

Blokart is still a new sport here in Spain and involves sailing on land. Guests are seated on a secure tricycle equipped with a sail and because of the adaptations so it can be used by disabled and able-bodied users alike.


Golf – enjoy your swing!

Playing golf here with us is nothing but fun! We have certified instructors with years of experience of working with disabilities. We only use the very best and most advance equipment, including the brand new paragolfer buggy! This vehicle allows people with physical disabilities and reduced mobility to access practically any part of the golf course and can handle differences in inclines of more than forty degrees.



Hiking/4×4 – go beyond you have already mastered and discover the mountains of Mallorca!

We have a range of adapted material and new individual Otto Bock Superfour vehicles with total traction, power steering, protective cabin bars and independent suspension. By pushing a button, the seating unit automatically slides towards the front axis, which facilitates boarding. The vehicles can handle inclines of up to 40% and have an oscillating seat that ensures totally safe ascents and descents. We also have Hippocampe chairs.

Excursions take place on a 14-million-square-metre publically-owned rural property in Galatzó, which is located in the municipality of Calviá. There are four different itineraries: Sa Vinya (low difficulty level – approx. 2 hours, 23 minutes), Ses Sínies (low difficulty level – approx. 2 hours, 15 minutes ), Ses Planas (medium difficulty level ? approx. 2 hours) and S’Esclop (medium/high difficulty level – approx. 4 and a half hours)



Waterskiing – who said it was impossible?

We use the most suitable waterskiing equipment according to type of disability, e.g., participants with severe dysfunctional motor disabilities in the lower members (paraplegia, tetraplegia, espina bifida, amputation of both lower members, cerebral paralysis) are seated while they water-ski.

Our equipment has been adapted and we make all the gear needed for waterskiing under the safest conditions available. The boards used in this activity have skids on the sides to make them very stable and ensure a high degree of safety. Life jackets must be used in this sport and participants may opt to wear a helmet, gloves or neoprene suit. Users will be taught basic notions on how to handle the boards before they begin to water-ski.



Canoeing – the perfect tandem!

We have double canoes (K2s) in which all users must be accompanied by a volunteer or assistant. Life jackets must be used. The boats feature automatic overflow and are unsinkable. Our approximately two-hour-long courses teach users basic knowledge in handling canoes before they set out to sea on hour-long or ninety-minute excursions based on the type of disability.


Sailing have you ever seen the Cathedral from the sea?

Adaptive sailing uses boats whose main difference lies in a series of adaptations that have been made for people with disabilities. The main adaptation is a bulb or counterweight placed in the end of the keel to provide greater stability and make it more difficult to upset the vessel. All our equipment has been adapted and individual adaptations are made according to participant.

Our facilities are completely accessible and an international frame of reference at both the beginners as well as competition levels; don’t forget that the island of Mallorca is home to the Mediterranean’s most important regattas.


Diving discover your movements under the water!

Enjoy a course or an inmersion, all courses have been designed in collaboration with the Balearic Federation of Underwater Activities and feature instructors and aids with long experience in adaptive diving.



Award Winners

In 2011, Fundacion Handisport won the award for ‘Best Adventure and Tourism Product’ for 2011. The competition was run by the prestigious Aire Libre magazine and the winner was voted for by 4000 people in Spain, a jury of journalists, agencies and FITUR members. The award was presented to Fundacion Handisport President, Cristina Martin, by the President of The Balearic Islands, Jose Ramon Bauza and the Minister of Tourism, Carlos Delgado.



You can choose a 1day activity, a 3 or 4 day of multiactivity plan or a week course if you like during your holidays.
Prices depend on the activity and the number of people but the rates are for example a sailing excursion 55€ to a diving course from 550€

For bookings or general enquiries, give us a call or send an email.  Thank you!

Tel:  0034 971 132 268 / Email:  info@handisportmallorca.org  / website:   www.handisportmallorca.org


  1. I’d just like to thank you guys so much for our time on the Superfours up the mountain. I’ve passed your details on to Wheelchair Travels and told them what a great set up you guys have. Hope you get to help more people from it. Thanks again and look forward to meeting again quite soon.

  2. I would like to book the 4 wheel off road adventure for Sunday 9 June at ten.
    Thank you!

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